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Our Covid19 Protocols

Our carefully managed reopening comes with stringent new health, safety and hygiene procedures in place. Everyone will need to follow CDC guidelines and the recommendations of health officials, as well as Dance FX’s policies. Note that any public location where people are present provides an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19, and we cannot guarantee that participants will not be exposed during activities. Please note the CDC advises that older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Dancers should evaluate their risk in determining whether to attend. People who show no symptoms can spread COVID-19 if they are infected, any interaction with the general public poses an elevated risk of being exposed to COVID-19, and we cannot guarantee that dancers will not be exposed during activities. However, we are doing everything we possibly can to keep our dancers, their families, our staff as safe as possible as we adjust to the “new normal.”



  1. We will limit our capacity based on what is recommended by our state and county’s orders.

  2. Any dancer or person entering the building over the age of 2 will need a facial covering until he or she begins physical exercise.

  3. Our lobby will remained closed until further notice. This will help also keep our capacity down.

  4. Dancers will need to fill out an online questionaire on the parent portal and sign new waivers before entering the building.




REME HALOS have been installed in both HVAC systems. See link for how the REME HALO Works.

The REME HALO ionization device will kill 99% of viruses and bacteria in the ducts. 

This award-winning device will send out naturally occurring hydroperoxides throughout the air, killing microorganisms, reducing odor and clumping dust together to make your filters more effective. Hydroperoxides are all around us in the outside air, but they barely exist (or are zero) indoors. They are natures natural air purifiers. We use the REME HALO to restore these hydroperoxides.

We have also acquired a Hurricane Ultra II ULV mister, an electric portable aerosol applicator that dispenses both oil and water-based products. The Hurricane Ultra II has been used for sanitation, germicidal spraying and disease control programs to clean the air. 


  1. Dancers will have their hands sanitized upon arrival by Dance FX staff.

  2. Dancers will have access in the dance rooms to sanitizer to be used throughout the class. 

  3. Studio will be cleaned in between each class – surfaces (barres and door handles) will be wiped down, floors will be mopped. Every night all surfaces and bathrooms will be cleaned. 



  • Dancers will be dropped off curbside to a staff member. 

  • Staff members will screen all dancers temperatures daily. Dancers will have their hands sanitized before entering the building. 

  • Dancers will come dressed for class. Dressing rooms are closed until further notice.

  • Dancers should have used the restroom before entering the building. Restrooms will still be available and will be wiped down by the staff hourly.

  • Dancers should have all dance shoes in a small bag with a zipper or drawstring closure. Bags will be taken into the dance room and placed under the bars while in class. Dancers will not be able to use cubbies. Dance bags can’t be left overnight; they must go home with dancers. 

  • The water fountain will be closed until further notice. Dancers must bring water from home labeled with their name or purchase a water from the staff upon entry. Staff will assist the dancer in labeling their water bottle. 

  • Dancers will not be permitted to leave the studio during class unless it is to use the restroom. 

  • Dancers are not to arrive more than 10 minutes before their classes. 

  • Dancers will not be permitted to eat in the building. 


4. In the studio, dancers will use marks on the floor to maintain social distancing. 

5. Dancers must exit the building immediately following class. Remember, the lobby is closed.

6. We encourage all parents to either wait in the cars while the kids are in class or go to one of the establishments in the plaza while they wait for the dancers. Parents of baby ballerinas, tutu cuties, hip hop divas and tumble tots must be available if the dancer needs to use the restroom. 



  1. Once classes have concluded, dancers will gather their belongings, put on their masks and wait to be called to the door for dismissal.

  2. Dancers will sanitize their hands before they leave the building.

  3. Parents should be in masks and wait outside the studio (social distancing) to pick up their dancers in a prompt fashion. PARENTS MUST PICK UP THEIR DANCERS. We will not be escorting them to cars. We will be limiting contact with dancers to the fullest extent in classroom. We aren’t compromise the safety the children.



  1. Dancers may not come to dance if they are sick. When it doubt, sit it out. If your dancer is feeling unwell, they can stay home and participate via Zoom if they’re up to it. 

  2. If a dancer complains of being sick while in class, they will go directly to the front office. A parent will be called, and they must be picked up immediately. The dancer will remain in the front office and await pick up. They will not be permitted to wait in the classroom or near other dancers or staff.

  3. If any person in your household has tested positive for Covid19, the dancer is not permitted in the building for a minimum of 14 days.

  4. Any dancer, parent or staff member will not be allowed in the building if he or she has a temperature of 100.1 or higher.

  5. We will be limiting contact with dancers to the fullest extent in classroom. We aren’t compromise the safety the children. However, we will no longer be doing hands-on correcting or assisting children in the bathroom unless it is an absolute emergency. 

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